Ta'Mara Hill

Ta'Mara Hill
Category: Team Members
Classification: Freshman
Major: Secondary Education


Ta'mara Hill is an incoming freshman joining us from Hutchinson High School, in Hutchinson, Kansas. She spent the majority of her high school career helping to lay a foundation and build a successful speech team, and as a result she understands and believes that a squad isn't just your teammates, but your family. Beside forensics, Hill enjoys poetry slam and is in charge of the monthly poetry slam held around her community. Her ultimate goal in life is to give to those that have lost, or haven't yet found their voice. In high school Ta'mara debated for 3 years; 2 years of policy debate and 1 year of performance debate, and did forensics for all four years. Hill saw success in both the Speech and Interpretation side of forensics, earning a state semi-finalist award in Duo, and a state finalist in poetry. Ta’Mara also qualified for NCFL in Oratorical Declamation.  As a collegiate competitor, Ta’Mara qualified for the prestigious American Forensics Association National Championship and won several regional competitions.

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