Ernest Mack

Ernest Mack
Category: Team Members
Classification: Senior
Major: Mass Communication


Mack was born with a blood condition called “Von Willa Brands” disease, that didn’t allow him to lead a normal childhood. The disease does not allow his blood to clot and he will continue to bleed if cut. Not being able to participate in sports or other activities, he found other outlets for entertainment. During his senior year of high school he realized he had a gift with words and could write poetry. A friend convinced him to perform at an open mic and since then he has committed himself to the spoken word. Mack transferred from Tennessee State University having never competed in Forensics. Despite a lack of Forensics experience, Mack was able to earn a JV National Championship award in Duo Interpretation and was part of the ensemble that won Reader’s Theater at the Pi Kappa Delta National Comprehensive Tournament.

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