Eric Robinson Jr.

Eric Robinson Jr.
Category: Team Members
Classification: Senior
Major: Criminal Justice


Robinson was born in Buffalo, New York but was raised by his single father in Fort Worth, TX. Between the ages of 16 and 17, Eric was blessed with the opportunity to work with national touring playwrights to tour the country and stage productions. At 18, Eric ventured into the world of public speaking and spoke at several Dallas schools and theatre companies to deliver motivational messages of hope, courage and persistence. Eric was chosen to compete with the revitalized Melvin B. Tolson/Denzel Washington debate team at Wiley College. In his first year, Eric, along with his partner Nick Taylor, were honored with a first place national title in Duo Interpretation. The next year Eric earned his self a second place trophy in Dramatic Interpretation and contributed to his team’s historic victory of winning its first, overall, national championship title. Before the end of his eligibility Eric plans to win at least 5 national titles in different events while obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice. Eric wants to continue public speaking and become an influential leader in an undecided field of Criminal Justice.

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