• American Legacy

    This is the article that started it all!

  • Fort Worth Magazine

    An article about the first interracial debate in the South, at a predominantly white insitution.  The debate took place against Texas Christian University in 1935.

  • Le Metropolis

    In 2011, The Great Debaters were invited to teach debate in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.  The nation had recently emerged from civil war and did not know how to debate.  Inspired by the movie, Claudia Haidara Yoka, called upon The Great Debaters to teach the youth of Brzzaville how to debate.  This magazine is the American equivalent to People Magazine, and The Great Debaters were featured on its cover.

  • The Forensic

    A Pi Kappa Delta publication in which Melvin B. Tolson writes about interracial debates.

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